Mission & Vision

Stanton Elementary Vision: To become a GREAT school recognized for being a safe and supportive learning environment that provides tools and sets the standards in becoming a productive citizen in a global society.

Stanton Elementary Mission: Stanton cultivates the next generation of transformational leaders who explore, discover, question and analyze the world around them from many perspectives. They thrive on challenges and use mistakes as a springboard for growth. Students see the beauty and creativity in academics; they recognize its power and prevalence in the classroom and the world around them.

DCPS Mission Statement: Ensure that every school guarantees students reach their full potential through rigorous and joyful learning experiences provided in a nurturing environment.

Student Core Values: (PRIDE)

  • P – Perseverance

  • R – Resilience

  • I – Integrity

  • D – Disciplined

  • E – Empathy